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Operation Red Shoes came out of a random set of circumstances similar to the randomness of teenage cancer. Luis Aguilar, our red shoe fanatic, passed away in the early morning of Valentine’s Day, 2015.

Luis’ friends and family set out to order red shoes from Zappos for those who would attend Luis’ memorial service. Terrible weather conditions were making it difficult for Zappos to deliver the order, and a manager at Zappos happened to listen to a 1 in 10,000 sample customer service call.

This manager heard the story of Luis and McKendree, and although they were unable to navigate the unpredicted weather, they were inspired. They invited McKendree and her friends to the Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas for a weekend of carefree fun in memory of Luis and his red shoes. Out of these random events, Operation Red Shoes was born.

Our Story

Red is bold, red is passion, red is love.

This is our Beginning

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Rosie and Annie’s Bat Mitzvah Project

Please consider making a donation to Operation Red Shoes and we will deliver or mail you a 2oz bottle of properly formulated hand sanitizer. A St. Jude patient and their family will be chosen to be the recipient of the funds the girls receive from your donations.

For their B’not Mitzvah project, Rosie and Annie have decided to donate to Operation Red Shoes. Operation Red Shoes is a local nonprofit dedicated to providing essential assistance to the families of children with cancer. For their project, the girls have decided to make hand sanitizer formulated according to the CDC guidelines to help out with today’s current crisis. Please consider making a donation to Operation Red Shoes and we will deliver or mail you a 2oz bottle of properly formulated hand sanitizer. A St. Jude patient and their family will be chosen to be the recipient of the funds the girls receive from your donations. We look forward to seeing all donors at an upcoming reveal party where the girls will present the gift to the patient and their family. Thank you for all your support.



Do you know a child or teen fighting cancer who needs essential assistance?


Operation Red Shoes Foundation is a 501 C3 nonprofit benefiting children & teens with cancer and their families with essential assistance.


Novel Bookstore will donate $5.00 from every purchase to Operation Red Shoes!


Another successful prom with this penguin 🐧#operationredshoes ...

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It was the perfect last day with these wonderful folks in Memphis! Thank you for having us once again. 🙂 #operationredshoes ...

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Hope everything is in tact 😉 #operationredshoes #ZAPPOSROCKS ...

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"Where there's a pulse there is a purpose"
This Valentine's Day I remember the absolute beauty that is found in humanity. Every single person who breathes and has a pulse MATTERS. Luis taught me so many valuable lessons in life, but this is what has stuck with me the most. Please remember to love everyone to your best ability every chance you have, not just on Valentine's Day but every day of the year. Life is so incredibly precious. I miss you, Lu. Can't believe it has been a year since we lost you. #operationredshoes #livelikelu

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So much wisdom and heart that comes from this particular painting done by a beautiful couple that fought through so much together. Thank you for sharing your story with us and letting us be a part of it mckendreee. Luis will always be remembered. #operationredshoes ...

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Friends, I don't do this often here...but for those of you who don't know and are wondering what all these posts are for...we have discovered the most tragically beautiful love story over the last several months. Luis passed away this Valentine's Day at the age of 22 to his 4-yr battle with cancer. He had a deep love for music, life, and his favorite pair of red shoes. He impacted so many of his closest friends and family members around him with his positivity. Though he may be gone, he continues to impact the world around him. We will be sharing a lot more in the coming months about how we've been graced by his story. For now, I'd love for any of you to follow imnotabox and #operationredshoes to be ready to support and learn more! xoxo ...

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#operationredshoes #zapposfamily #zapposculture #lovemyjob ...

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Officially signed up to run the full marathon at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in honor of Luis Aguilar and all of his friends and family that supported him through his battle with cancer. Please help me support St. Jude by donating through my fundraising page at heroes.stjude.org/luisfortin (or click the link in my Bio) #stjudememphismarathon #operationredshoes #fundacionluisaguilar ...

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The Power of WOW & Operation Red Shoes Beginning

The Operation Red Shoes story is in the first chapter of this amazing book. Whether you are a customer, entrepreneur, business leader, shareholder this book will change everything in your business, community, and your life.

Shred Day Benefit

Shred Shop of Memphis was gracious to host a special “Shred Day” to benefit Operation Red Shoes. We say special because it occurred on a Saturday, and they are usually closed on the weekends. Prior


Pledge your support to help Operation Red Shoes provide children & teens battling cancer and their families with essential assistance.